Wedding Hairstyles

I’ve been asked to help at weddings before, but usually I’m asked to hand out programs or man the guest book.  Never have I been asked to do the bride’s hair!  So my friend sent me an email one day and asked if I would do her hair for her wedding, “I remember you were pretty handy with a curling iron back in high school” she says.  And I said yes…nervously.  Then I Googled “how to do wedding hair”.  Luckily, I was to be a bridesmaid in 3 other weddings before hers so I made sure I paid attention to the brides’ hairdos.

My friend wanted to surround herself with her friends and family, instead of strangers, the morning of her wedding so she also asked another friend to do her make-up.  We all got there early in the morning and she had fruits and pastries laid out for us.  It was really nice to hang out with the bride before the flurry of activity began.

For the hair, I stuck with a basic style – a low, oversized bun off to one side and I wrapped a few thin braids around the bun to give it visual interest.  You can almost do this yourself!

This how-to was my inspiration!

(image credit: Fashionsy)

While I’m no stylist…I will say it impressively stayed put all night!