Custom Cookies for an Excited Bride

We process so many orders every day and thanks to our thoughtful clients we get to read many lovely testimonials.  But we rarely get to see what happens to our favors after they arrive at their destinations.  That’s why this is so cool!

Dawn and Pete ordered our custom wedding cake cookies and Pete, who is a wedding photographer, videographer and blogger, took this picture of the cookies and posted it on his blog.

(image credit: First Floor Films)

Here’s his post:

“Dawn is done with school for the summer and now has ALL DAY to plan our wedding.  She gets very excited when each item for our wedding arrives.  Today I was editing in our office when I heard a knock at the door followed by a loud gasp!  Our wedding favors…..hand made cookies from Beaucoup had just arrived!  Anyone lucky enough to be attending our wedding on July 5th, will leave with one of these tasty little items! Some may even get 2…we ordered extra.”

So cute…Congrats guys!