Top 10 lessons you can learn from Father of the Bride

We love nothing more than a good wedding movie. We can definitely relate, because the best ones are based on real-life happenings, making them so much more funny or touching. But we can also learn from those movie mistakes. After all, it’s much more funny when those crazy situations happen to someone else instead of us! Here are our favorite lessons learned from watching Father of the Bride, starring Steve Martin.

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1. Five months is tight planning, even with a wedding coordinator. 
Be prepared to put in a lot of overtime in order to make it all come together.

2. Picking the right wedding planner is essential.
Can you understand him, or does it all sound like gibberish?

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3. Don’t be too proud to accept help from the in-laws.

…especially if those in-laws live in Bel-Air and make loads of money.

4. Know your budget and stick to it.
There’s a huge difference between $150 per person and $250 per person. It’s important to be on the same page about budget, or your spouse may leave you in jail after you flip out.

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5. Have a form of stress release.
Hopefully you find a form of stress release that doesn’t involve ripping open hot dog bun packages and yelling at supermarket clerks, followed by time in jail.

6. Enjoy the little moments.
Wedding planning is stressful, and life is about to change in really big ways. Take time to play basketball or delight in random Los Angeles snow storms.

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7. Stop obsessing over the details.
Your guests are in there having fun while you’re stressing. Half the time, they don’t even notice the things that may have you on the verge of a meltdown.

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8. Roll with the punches.
Stuff can and will go wrong. If there’s a freak snow storm in sunny Los Angeles the night before the ceremony, shovel the sidewalk, put the swans in the bath tub, and proceed as planned.

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9. Add personal touches to make it your own.
Annie Banks, daughter of a man who owns a shoe company, chose to incorporate bedazzled sneakers under her wedding dress.

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10. Relax and enjoy. 

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