The Fantastic Five: Adult Birthday Icebreaker Party Games To Get Guests Mingling!

We’ve all been there… you show up to a friend’s birthday party and it feels like you know absolutely no one there aside from the birthday boy or girl.

(image credit: The Guardian)

Rather than having guests circle the chips and dip station, how about having them genuinely get to know one another? How you ask? Well with these five icebreaker games, it’s easier than ever!

1) Pass the Turnip

Sounds weird but it’s actually pretty self-explanatory. For this game, the only required item is a large and roundish fruit or vegetable (we like the idea of a turnip as its slightly odd shape adds a touch of difficulty to the game).

Assign two teams and have them stand in two lines. The objective of the game is to pass the turnip from one person to the next up and down the line… using your chin and neck only! First team to pass the turnip in a completed lap wins!

The forced proximity, competition, and silliness of this game is a surefire icebreaker.


2) The Laughing Game

Gather everyone around a table and have them take turns saying “Ha”, “Ho”, “Hee”. Players that start laughing are out of the game. Keep going until you’re left with just one winner!

Sounds simple? Because it is. This game requires no props and very little thought but will definitely have everyone laughing it up with one another in no time.


3) How’d You Meet?

This game in particular is great for cases where a single guest or two is not as familiar with the rest of the crowd.

To play, send the guesser (the “newer” friend) to a separate room. While they’re away, choose one person to lie about how they met the birthday boy or girl. When the guesser comes back, have everyone take turns revealing how they met the birthday boy or girl with the guesser calling out the liar.

Choose outlandish stories for the truths and the lie in order to keep the guessing difficult.


4) Never Have I Ever

You’ve probably played this game in college as a means to get a lot of drinks in your body fast. But as an icebreaker, it is absolutely fantastic!

Have everyone take turns saying something that they either have or have not done. For example, the first player might say “Never have I ever, rode an elephant”. Whoever has done this said thing, takes a drink.

Keep it as PG or as risqué as you’d like! By the end of the game, you and your guests are certain to learn a ton of facts about one another.

5) Embarrassing Fact

Provide slips of paper, pencils, and a large bowl or vase at the party entrance. Instruct guests to write down an embarrassing, interesting, or personal fact about themselves (no names!) on the paper and to add it to the bowl.

After all the guests have arrived, read aloud each slip of paper and have everyone guess the owner of each fact. The sharing of intimate details will create an open environment for everyone to comfortably mingle.

These icebreakers will liven up your party in no time as they’re a great way to encourage mingling. We guarantee you’ll learn some fun new facts about everyone and some new friendships may even develop as an end-result!