Creative Ways to Reuse Your Wedding Wishing Wells and Card Boxes

You don’t have to say farewell to a gorgeous wishing well or card box just because the wedding is over.

Take a look at some of our creative options below for inspiration on how to reuse your newly deemed nonessential wedding accessory.


As a Chandelier 

(image credit: Restoration Hardware)

This finished product from Restoration Hardware is absolutely stunning. But if you don’t want to drop $2,000, might we suggest DIY-ing your own version by combining a wedding birdcage card holder and a coordinating chandelier (easily found at any lighting or home goods store).

(image credit from left to right: Beau-coup, Decoholic)


As a Table Centerpiece

(image credit: Beau-coup, Pinterest)

Beautifully re-purpose an acrylic wishing well as an eye-catching table centerpiece. Acrylic’s clear frame makes it an ideal casing for bold succulents and vibrant flowers, while its geometric shape creates a modern look. Your next dinner party just got fancy.


As a Hurricane Candle Holder

(image credit from top left: West Elm, Beau-coup, Pottery Barn)

Hurricanes filled with varying heights of candle pillars are beautiful as coffee table, shelving, and fireplace accessories. If you happen to have an old wedding wishing well made of glass with an impressive shape, try filling with quality candles for an instantly pretty and re-purposed accessory.


As a Photo Box

(image credit: Beau-coup)

Reuse your pretty wedding card box as an attractive photo box for an easy option that requires absolutely zero crafting work. A fun re-purpose would be to fill the once wedding intended card box with newly printed wedding photos to keep inline with the wedding theme!