Mommy-To-Be…Again? Baby Shower Etiquette For a Second Child

Many find it in poor taste for the again expectant mommy to further expect a second baby shower as it can be seen as a burden to friends and family members. All that fuss, hullabaloo, planning, registries… zoinks!

(image credit: BabaKlix)

But the way we see it, every baby should be celebrated and we believe it IS possible to welcome baby #2 (or #3, or #4…) into this world with an equal amount of gusto (minus the aforementioned burdening hullabaloo-ness).


Host a Baby Sprinkle:

Don’t feel comfortable hosting another elaborate shower? No problem! Try hosting a baby sprinkle instead. A baby sprinkle is a no-pressure, informal, casual get-together. Think of this as “baby shower light” where every aspect of the previous baby shower has been reduced and eased up upon.

For example, the invite list may now be limited to close friends and family only. Decorations can be minimal, gifts can be smaller and essential items only, and food and drinks can lean more towards snacks and refreshments.


Host a Baby Meet & Greet:

Another way to celebrate baby without all the fuss is to host a meet and greet. This type of celebration is entirely different than a traditional shower as guests will be able to interact with the baby of the hour.

If mommy still has plenty of old baby clothes and supplies in storage, guests should be encouraged to bring over food and refreshments in lieu of traditional gifts. Seeing as how mommy now has her hands full with 2+ children, some ready-to-eat meals are sure to come in handy.


Host Another Shower If:

If mommy-to-be-again is having another baby of a different gender, then it is acceptable to host another baby shower. For example, if she is expecting a girl this time around, she’ll likely be in need of new baby clothes – as the first shower was filled with boy themed decorations and gifts.

Another good reason to host another shower is if there is a big gap in years between the children, 5 years or more is a good guideline. She has probably tossed-out or donated the first child’s old baby clothes, bottles, strollers, etc., so gifting her with some new essentials will surely be appreciated.


See what we mean? You can absolutely celebrate baby #2 without feeling the pressures leftover from baby shower #1. For even more baby shower related ideas, read “Want The Perfect Gender Reveal Party? Better Get These Must-Have Items!” now.