Sweet & Sentimental Tree Seedlings For The Perfect Green Wedding Favor

Whether you are environmentally conscious, are a believer of woodland fairy tale happy endings, or are hosting a rustic/outdoor themed wedding, this evergreen tree seedling wedding favor has your name written allover it – literally thanks to the personalized tag!

It is a real tree seedling, individually wrapped in burlap bags, and finished with a complimentary personalized tag. Most importantly, it’s a wonderful favor that guests will appreciate thanks to its sentimental nature.

Place on each guests’ place setting for added table decor, or try bundling up in a pretty basket by the door – inviting guests to help themselves as they exit.

Shop these pretty tree seedlings here: Evergreen Tree Seedling Favor with Personalized Tag. Directions on how to plant below:

(source: EcoKids)

  • Dig a hole wide and deep enough to cover the root system.
  • Handle seedlings by the base of the stem, taking care to not bruise the bark.
  • Lay the roots in the hole, in a natural arrangement. Do not bunch, spiral, double-over, or bend roots.
  • Keep stones and twigs out of the hole (they create air pockets that dry out roots).
  • Plant seedlings slightly above the root collar swelling.
  • Cover with soil. Do not bury live branches or foliage, or leave any roots exposed to air.
  • Tap soil firmly with toe (not the heel) to remove air pockets.
  • Create a mulched area around the tree that is 50 percent larger than the spread of the branches and five to 10 centimeters deep. Wood chips or shredded pine or cedar bark are great mulch, as are oak leaves and pine needles.

Enjoy all the beauty, sentiment, and fruitful oxygen of this thoughtful favor!