Songs they can dance to

(image credit: High Hampton Inn)

When you’re at a wedding and they start to play dance music, there are always those first awkward moments when everyone is looks around and waiting for someone else to be the first on the dance floor.  That’s when the DJ pulls out his secret weapon…YMCA!  As much as we hate to admit it, we’re happy when he does because everybody knows the dance and few can resist doing it.  Nothing breaks the ice like bouncing up and down while making letters with our arms over our heads.

Eventually the DJ will switch gears and play some hip hop.  In my family, all the young folks take over the floor and do the head bobbing thing while the older generation, untrained in popping and locking reluctantly retreat to their seats.  My dad loves to dance and I can always tell he’s bummed when they play songs he can’t dance to.

But there have to be countless musicians in between the Village People and 50 Cent to bridge this generation gap.  How do you put together a wedding music playlist that offers a little something for everyone?  Well, duh!  You could ask each guest what he or she would want to hear.  A great way to get everyone to contribute to your playlist is to include a section on your RSVP cards asking each person to list 5 songs they’d like to dance to at your wedding.  This way, not only will you be sure to cover every genre, your work will be done for you.  And maybe you’ll even discover artists you didn’t know you liked.

I used to grumble every time they played the Macarena because my aunties would inevitably drag me out on to the dance floor and force me to show them for the umpteenth time how to do the dance.  But when I see how much fun they’re having, I can’t help but have a great time myself.  There truly is something for everyone.  So next time the wedding DJ plays a cheesey song like “We are Family”, don’t hate.  Appreciate.