Out is in and in is out

The latest fashion trend is vintage. I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true. It’s no longer about dressing up in the hottest new designs. It’s about the hottest olddesigns. Vintage faux furs, cowboy boots, brooches .fashion recycles itself and right now, out is in. Even my mother’s wedding gown from the 70’s looks current. If only I am even remotely as thin as she was then, I would consider wearing it. But if you’re not prepared to dress head-to-toe in vintage, you can still participate by looking into vintage wedding jewelry, or a vintage veil, or some other accessory. Many jewelers are creating “vintage” style engagement rings, with ornate designs around the band as opposed to the modern, minimalist style. Vintage wedding hair pins are a great way to incorporate “something old” into your wedding. Or ask your mother, grandmother or older relatives for jewelry that might be fitting for your wedding day to take care of “something borrowed”. If you love the look, this is the perfect time to sport it. Pretty soon, out will be out, and in will be in, again.