Non-Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas for the Non-Traditional Bride – A Guest Post

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Today, we have the great privilege of bringing to you a piece by Sharon Zimmerman of Sharon Z Jewelry. Sharon is a San Francisco based wedding jewelry expert dealing in elegant, hand-crafted, and abstract pieces. Below, she advises on engagement ring alternatives for the non-traditional bride.

Guest Blog Post By Sharon Zimmerman

Non-Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas for the Non-Traditional Bride

Conventional wisdom dictates that your search for the perfect engagement ring should include the four Cs – color, cut, clarity and carat weight, but what if you aren’t a diamond kind of gal? What if you ditched conventional wisdom altogether and followed your heart when looking for a ring? Your engagement ring could express romance, love, your values and your commitment to each other – all things that can’t be summed up in only 4 Cs. If your love and relationship are unique, why shouldn’t your ring be unique too?

Here are some real alternatives for the bride-to-be who want a non-diamond ring.

Bling on a Budget


(image credit: Sharon Z Jewelry)

OK, so maybe you don’t want a diamond (they can be ethically questionable  and super expensive), but you’d still like some sparkle and a similar hardness. Check out Moissanite for a gorgeous alternative. Moissanite has a hardness of 9.25 (harder than a sapphire!) and greater fire than a diamond.

(image credit: Sharon Z Jewelry)

This gemstone is brilliant, has so much sparkle, and is a greater value. Best of all, there is no destructive mining involved with Moissanite. This gemstone was discovered in a meteorite over a hundred years ago and is now produced in North Carolina by Charles and Colvard. It is a great alternative to traditionally mined diamonds.

Color, Color Everywhere

(image credit: Sharon Z Jewelry)

Did you know that sapphires and rubies used to be the traditional stone for engagement rings? It’s true! In addition to this romantic bit of history, it should also be noted that sapphires are also not just limited to hues of blue to pink. Orange, yellow, green, and even white (often used as a substitute for diamonds) are a beautiful array of saturated and rich color options. Best of all you can pick the color that suits you best for a totally un-boring engagement ring.

Skip the Stone Altogether

Finding stones that both suit you and come without any ethical question marks can be overwhelming.  So why not skip the stone altogether? Substitute a hunk of 100% recycled gold or fairmined gold for the stone and you’ll not only have a ring that won’t break the bank, but one that stays true to your values.

Closing Thoughts From The Editor:

Many thanks to Sharon for this invaluable post. To learn even more about the above stones, visit her website Sharon Z Jewelry. For more engagement ring information regarding traditional diamonds, head over to our “Your Ultimate Guide To Engagement Rings 101” post now.