Top 7 Must-Do Fall Activities To Properly Ring In Autumn

While it’s a bummer to see summer go, it’s always a pleasure to embrace fall with open arms.

Awww, sweet fall… what’s not to love? The changing colors, the fresh brisk air, and the slow return to normalcy. Fall is fantastic, but as are all fantastic things, it can sometimes seem too fleeting.

This year, vow to take full advantage of this glorious season by doing these top 7 fall activities!


An Autumn Hike

(image credit: Travel Squire)

A hike in the fall is the perfect reason to get out of the house. Breathe in the fresh fall air, listen to the crunching of the leaves beneath you, and take in all the different hues and shades that can only be found in nature’s crayon box.


Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

(image credit: Starbucks)

This seasonal Starbucks staple is SUCH a huge deal right now that you owe it to yourself to try it at the very least just to see what all the hullabaloo is about. Who knows, you may end up loving it!

(It is insanely popular for a reason, we’re suspecting it has something to do with its crack-like affect on the taste buds…)


Apple Picking

(image credit: Nassau Happening)

Now is the perfect time to get the family and friends together for a trip to the “country”. Gather as many beautifully ripened apples as your hands can handle and start making jams, pies, ciders, sauces, essentially… apple everything!


Fall Pinboard

(image credit: New York)

Sometimes, our social media profiles need a little seasonal change too. Take this opportunity to create an everything fall pin board. Keep it secret if you’d like, but just know that HERE is where you can let your wildest fall pinning fantasies come true. That leaf inspired wedding dress, pin it shame free! Tis the season!


Wild & Crazy Pumpkin Carving

(image credit: Band Of Cats)

Get psyched for Halloween by hosting a fun pumpkin carving party. Invite friends and family over to compete for the title of best pumpkin designer. We bet the competitive spirit will be heating up hotter than a witches cauldron!


Re-watch Hocus Pocus

(image credit: Rant Lifestyle)

This Halloween classic should be a yearly watch as it effortlessly warms everyone up for the Halloween festivities that are right around the corner. It’s funny, entertaining, and loved by all members of the family – we’d definitely say this is a fall must-do.


Fantastic Fall Tablescape

(image credit: Classy Columbus Designs)

With gourds, squashes, and pinecones so easily available this time of year, we recommend you take the opportunity to design a creative fall themed tablescape. Go ahead, see if you can give Martha Stewart a run for her money!