Kid-Friendly Summer Crafts from A to Z

One week into summer, and the kids are already restless. Before you turn to the i-device (not that we would judge), read this post! We’ve collected a ton of super-awesome activities to help you and the kids beat summer boredom. Read on to discover the best summer crafts, from A to Z.

is for airplane, as in DIY airplanes made of clothespins and popsicle sticks.   

is for bubbles, like the ones we’re going to make with our giant bubble wand!

is for chalk, which we’ll use to make chalk sidewalk art.

D is for drums, and this bongo drum / rice shaker combo beats the rest!

E is for  egg decorating, which isn’t just for Easter anymore. We want to try every one of these egg decorating ideas!

F is for friendship bracelets, and it’s been ages, so this tutorial for DIY friendship bracelets will really come in handy.

is for goo, and to be honest, we don’t know what to do with it, but this recipe for homemade gak has piqued our interest!

is for homemade ice cream, which is more of a treat than an activity, but this recipe for ice cream without a machine is so easy, the kids could do it.

I is for igloo, and we think this vellum paper mache igloo looked sooo coooool.

J is for jar, which is what we used to make this Lego jar head  container.

K is for kite, and we can’t wait to get our DIY kite airborne!

L is for lemonade stand, as in the best way to teach kids about running a business is to help them launch a DIY lemonade stand.

is for mini clay bowls that you can make without an oven, just like these bunny clay bowls made with air-dry clay.

N is for noodle, as in noodle art, like this adorably painted bowtie pasta.

O is for origami, and we tested different ways to make our origami sailboat waterproof…see for yourself.

P is for potato stamps, and with your own custom potato stamp, you can make cards, t-shirts, wrapping paper, and more!

is for Q-tip darts, which is essentially shooting cotton swabs out of a straw, but you can have hours of fun when you turn it into a Q-tip blowdarts game!

R is for rock monsters, which are not monsters hiding among rocks, but rocks that you paint into rock monsters!

S is for summer themed pinatas, because we’ve always wanted to make our own DIY pinata filled with nothing but Skittles.

T is for the tricycle carwash that will make your front lawn the coolest place to be this summer. We would suggest partnering up with the lemonade stand kids as a value-add for your tricycle car wash customers.  

U is for up, up, and away which is the theme for this adorable hot air balloon mobile.

V is for vacation, and after the trip, you’ll want to make these nice vacation memory jars as keepsakes.

W is for wooden peg dolls, and you can seriously make a peg doll for everyone you know.

is for xylophone, and we bet you thought we wouldn’t be able to come up with something for ‘x’! Good thing we found this tutorial on how to create a rainbow xylophone with glasses of water.

Y is for yarn, which has way more uses than knitting, such as making these unique yarn block prints.

is for zoo, and you can take a trip to the zoo, or make awesome zoo animal puppets, then put on a play!

We hope you’re as excited as we are to try some of these summer crafts, and remember that the kids are not the only ones who need a little device detox! Get out and enjoy the summer!