How to throw a gorgeous barnyard wedding that’s both elegant and rustic

A barnyard inspired wedding is a theme that’s here to stay. It’s been wildly popular for several years now and while there have been a few modern tweaks made here and there, the overarching theme itself remain strong.

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This theme evokes feelings of coziness with its rustic, lived-in, and casual décor. But did you also know that this theme could simultaneously create an elegant, polished and modern feel? With a few simple additions, we’re going to take this already popular theme and dress it up for a look deserving enough of your wedded affair.

A Grand Entryway 

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An easy way to dress up your barn wedding is to dress up the entryway, literally! Hang long and flowy fabric to create an elegantly elongated doorway.


Dramatic Ceilings

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An added bonus of hosting your wedding in a barn is the tall (sometimes very tall) ceilings. Take advantage of this space by drawing guests’ eyes up with dramatic ceiling decor. The right accessories will complement the wood of the barn while adding a touch of refinement to your wedding look.


Pristine Linens

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An empty barn by itself can seem rather cold and stark. An easy solution is the inclusion of fabric to instantly add warmth to the environment. For a polished look however, only include pristine linens. The pressed and beautiful drape of quality linens add the perfect touch of modern elegance.


Decorative Accessories

(image credit: Beau-coup)

We love the idea of decorating a barn with these chalkboard balloons. The elegant and modern black color comes together with a personalized chalked message of your choice, making this decorative piece equal parts rustic and sleek. Sounds perfect for a charming barnyard themed wedding don’t you think?!

(image credit: Beau-coup)

Another must-have decorative accessory is this chalkboard frosted glass tea light holder. When sprinkled throughout the party, it will beautifully create a warmly lit and ambient environment.


Comfort Foods Get a Makeover

(image credit: Martha Stewart)

If you’re combining the ideas of barnyard casual with modern elegance, it would be fitting to translate this theme towards your wedding fare as well. Comfort foods scream casual, making it perfect for the barnyard aspect. But to add the right amount of fancy, simply change your perspective of serving size and presentation!


Get More, More, More! 

To get even more barnyard inspirations, check out this real barnyard wedding featured on our blog. Also, if you can’t get enough of the chalkboard accessories, get more here at our chalkboard trend pin board. It’s the perfect look to compliment any rustic and modern design.