Bet you didn’t think of these creative Easter basket ideas!

Easter baskets are a definite must-have item for a sweet and splendid Easter celebration. They’re festive, decorative, and loved by all. But if you’re growing a bit weary of the “basic basket”, try getting a little creative this year!

(image credit clockwise from top left: Beau-coup, Martha Stewart, Organized Chaos, creatively christy, Martha Stewart, BHG, BHG, One Good Thing, Rhodes Quality)

See our list below for imaginative ways to assemble an inspired basket this Easter.

Fill with Homemade Treats

(image credit: Creative Savings)

This way, you control the sugar levels and ingredient contents. Plus, it’s budget friendly to boot!


Eat The Whole Darn Thing

(image credit: One Good Thing)

Or… go completely candy crazy and create a basket made entirely of edible treats.


Bunny Dip Basket

(image credit: Pizzazzerie)

This veggie bunny dip “basket” is just adorable (and delish)!


Tutu Inspired

(image credit: Organized Chaos)

A tutu inspired Easter basket? It’s just too, too cute!


Paint Can Basket

(image credit: Rhodes Quality)

This DIY paint can basket is perfect for filling up with treats or Easter eggs during an egg hunt!


The Un-Sugar High Basket

(image credit: creatively christy)

Easter baskets don’t have to be all about candy you know. We love this idea of creating a non-candy version that’s equally fun and festive!


All Felt Up

(image credit: BHG)

Easy DIY felt bunny bags to store candy, trinkets, and eggs!


DIY Totes

(image credit: BHG)

We’re loving the idea of an Easter basket tote. The above example is a printable version, or if you’re feeling a bit lazy… get our Beau-coup take out boxes below for an easy cheat.

(image credit: Beau-coup)


Bunny Envelopes


(image credit: Martha Stewart)

These bunny envelopes are super easy to make and perfect for storing treats!


Berry Easter Baskets

(image credit: Martha Stewart)

We are totally digging this DIY berry basket. It’s a fantastic way to reuse old strawberry baskets from the grocery store!