Fun Earth Day Crafts & Activities For Kids and Adults!

Happy Earth Day fellow Earth lovers! Got any special plans today? Well if you have a bit of spare time between planting trees and picking up litter, then give these fun Earth-centric crafts and activities a go! You and your kids are going to love them!

Scroll now to find bird feeders, Earth-shaped cookies, DIY wind chimes, homemade fossils, and so much more!  Together, let’s ring in Earth Day with fun activities to show our support and gratitude to Mother Earth.

Earth Cookies

(image credit: Tammilee Tips)

Earth is sure looking mighty tasty.


DIY Greenhouse

(image credit: Spoonful)

An economical and useful activity!


DIY Key Wind Chime

(image credit: Inner Child Giving)

A great way to re-purpose old keys!


Coffee Ground “Fossils”

(image credit: Spoonful)

Kids will love making shapes in these fossils and you’ll love the free decorations.


Seeded Bookmarks

(image credit: Spoonful)

Who knew these were so easy to make? Try adding pressed flowers for extra flair.


Earth Day Crayons

(image credit: In Lieu of Preschool)

A creative way to use up leftover crayons!


Cereal Box Magazine Holder

(image credit: Spoonful)

This is made from a leftover cereal box. Yes… we’re “cereal”.


Earth Cake

(image credit: By Stephanie Lynn)

Super cute as mini Earth cupcakes too!


Recycled Flowers

(image credit: No Time For Flash Cards)

An easy activity to keep the kids engaged while using up old newspapers.


Paper Mache Globe

(image credit: Spoonful)

A fun craft for anyone that wants to get their hands dirty.


Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

(image credit: Tinkerlab)

Easy to do and kind of delicious sounding (don’t judge us!).