Luxe for Less (Part 1) – Wedding Attire

The cake, the dress, the flowers… weddings can be quite costly. But fret not, we’re here to help!  Introducing the “Luxe for Less” wedding series, here we’ll discuss ways to save while maintaining the luxuriousness that you oh-so-deserve. Today we tackle wedding attire. Don’t overspend on your dress before reading these tips.

(image credits clockwise from top left: Raining Blossoms, She Finds, Wedding Inspirasi, American Photo History)

Less is More

You can save big time by choosing a less elaborate dress. A heavily beaded and ornate dress made up of many layers will add up. Take this opportunity to minimize. Look for satin dresses that focus more on drape. Or choose a form-fitting dress with a lace overlay. These more minimalist options are beautiful and luxurious all on their own, minus the big price tag.


If you’re going the way of the more minimal dress, take this opportunity to jazz things up a bit. Adding an ornate belt or brooch will instantly embellish your dress. Don’t forget about earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. A fantastic way to save is to borrow. Grandma’s pearls? Mom’s diamond earrings? These options are free and sentimental all in one.

Buy Used

This may not be what you originally had in mind, but consider the wonders for your wallet! Many brides wear their dress only once. By buying used, you have more room in your budget to perhaps get that designer gown, or a more detailed dress that you wouldn’t have otherwise afforded.

Have it Made

Do some research for local dress shops and seamstresses who make wedding gowns. This option allows you to emulate a more costly designer gown. Since this is made to your specification, you can customize materials and details, keeping you in budget.

The Groom

When it comes to saving on wedding attire, men can save too. If renting a tuxedo for the big day, avoid renting accessories. If you already own dress shoes or cuff links, pass on these items. The more accessories you rent, the higher the bill.

Stay tuned for more ways to save on the wedding as our “Luxe for Less” series continues.