Mason Jar Mayhem

So unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably been witness to the ‘mason jars take over the world movement’. As in, they are everywhere! Weddings, bars and restaurants, your house! There is no escaping the mason jar takeover. But why would you want to escape anyway? Embrace the movement! These cute little jars are vintage inspired, super adorable, and highly functional.

So now that you’re a major mason jar fan, what can you do with them? Find out below!

Twinkle, twinkle masojar

(image credits clockwise from top left: Just a Pinch, Something Turquoise, Raised in Cotton Lifestyle)

Let mason jars light up your life. The cozy, vintage feel of mason jars coupled with a little ambient lighting will set the mood perfectly for any special occasion. The DIY mason jar candle makes a great gift too!


(image credits top to bottom: Homedit, Creative Outlets)

Keep everything in its place with mason jars. Pencils, makeup brushes, and bathroom accessories all need a home to live in when not in use.

Drink Cups

(image credits left to right: Yummy Wedding Food, It All Started With Paint)

These cute little jars are coincidentally durable too! Serve as individual sippy cups for a kid’s birthday party or try the adult version, individually packaged cocktails.

Plant life

(image credits left to right: Blue Bonnet Press, Emmaline Bride)

Bring the great outdoors into your indoor space with a little help from mason jars. Create a terrarium or simply add flowers to a painted jar and voila!


(image credit top to bottom: Crafts by Amanda, Photojojo)

Halloween luminaries or as individual photo holders, mason jars make it easy to decorate for every day and/or holiday.

Did we miss any super awesome mason jar tips? Be sure to share with us below. The mason jar possibilities are endless!