Luxe for Less (Part 2) – The Reception

Luxe for less is back! This week, we’re focusing on your reception. How can you cut costs without cutting the luxury? Find out now!

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Flowers can break the bank if you’re not careful. When choosing flowers, keep these tips in mind: Stay in season – off season flowers will have the added costs of being flown in. Also try to use fillers. Mix berries, pinecones, anything in season to fill in your bouquet and flower décor. You will be saving big and will still be enjoying the luxuriousness of a full and beautiful bouquet.


In the same vein as buying in season flowers, have your caterer use local and in season fruits and vegetables. By avoiding the added delivery costs for “exotic” ingredients, you’re gaining savings and getting fresher and tastier dishes.


(image credit: Martha Stewart)

When it comes to the tablescape, of course you want it to be inviting, beautiful, and elegant. But without thorough planning, you can blow your budget out of the water with expensive décor and linens. Keep these simple tips in mind to save some money while still achieving a luxurious look. Streamline centerpieces – choose a single item as your centerpiece. Candles, fruits, flowers, whatever look you’re going for, just use that one item and elegantly display it. This stylish approach is simplicity at its best. Another idea is to use expensive linens sparingly. Choose a more cost effective table cloth as your base but drape a silk or lace runner across the table to give a touch of luxury.

The Cake

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Does the cost of a wedding cake put you into shock? Don’t worry; we’ve got some great ideas to help you save big! Serve guests from a sheet cake but use a small designer cake for display and the cutting. Another idea is to choose a buttercream frosting over a fondant covering. Fondant requires extra effort to roll out and apply, thus the extra cost.  Also, opt for fresh flowers instead of sugar-paste flowers (again, extra effort to make, equates to extra costs). You’ll save money but will still keep the same decorated look.


It’s a celebration and well… you and your guests want to celebrate! Totally get it. But saving in the alcohol department doesn’t necessarily mean cutting out the fun. Try limiting the selection of drinks to just wine and beer, or just serve a signature drink. By doing so, you’re avoiding the heavy bill of a full bar and guests are still guaranteed their lively libations.

That concludes today’s episode of “Luxe for Less”! Join us again soon for even more fun and creative ways to save dollars without sacrificing style.