Gone Apple Picking? 3 Awesome Apple Recipe Ideas

It’s that time of year again, apple picking season! Apple picking is a fun activity for kids and adults of all ages. It makes for a great family outing or as a romantic day date with your honey. But now that you’re back from all that picking… what should you do with all those apples? Make some delicious treats to share with family and friends! There are so many yummy ways to use up your pickings. From apple cider, apple sauce, apple butter, apple salsa, apple chutney… it’s a seemingly endless list of tasty delights. Here, we share 3 of our favorite methods to use up those apples.

(image credits clockwise from top left: Mint, Mountain Side BrideMy Baking Addiction,  RanpictBeau-coup)

Apple Sauce

There are plenty of recipes out there for this classic food item but we selected this recipe from Martha Stewart as our favorite. It’s super simple and consists of only 3 ingredients and 4 steps.  Oh, and it tastes delicious too!

Apple Butter

For those not familiar, apple butter is a highly concentrated form of apple sauce. The concentration gives it a much longer shelf life versus traditional apple sauce. It’s extremely tasty spread on bread, accompanying cheese platters, or as in ingredient in baked goods. We like this recipe from My Baking Addiction. Such a great idea to individually pack and tag as gifts for friends!

Apple Cider

The smell of apple cider wafting through the house is super cozy and likely to drum up feelings of nostalgia. It also happens to be one of the best ways to use up all your apples! Want to make your own? Then check out these recipes! An alcoholic and non-alcoholic version for everyone to enjoy.

We’re betting we’ve missed the million and one other ways to use up apples. But we think these 3 options are great to bottle up and to give away to friends and family. It’s a perfect fall favor. Do you have a favorite apple recipe to share? Comment below to let us know!