Host An Amazing Hot Chocolate Party With These Tasty Tips

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Ok, we confess! We drink hot chocolate pretty much year round… it’s delicious, sweet, smooth, and it warms the soul. So it’s simply perfect for a cold winter night in right?! But let’s be honest, isn’t a rich mug of cocoa tasty just about any time of the year? Yup, we agree.

But keeping in the spirit of the winter season, this time of year is perfect to be hosting a hot chocolate party for friends, family, and neighbors. It’s a fun and creative way to get everyone together now that the holiday parties are over. It allows everyone to join in on the fun so kids and adults of all ages will love this unique idea.

Here are some sweet tips for hosting your own superstar hot cocoa bar:

Set Up

The idea here is festive. Set up a display of fun, winter themed mugs. Whimsical decorations are the perfect add on to highlight the fun and creative aspect of this themed tasting party.

Hot Chocolate Servings

Prepare a carafe or two before guests arrive. This can be made from scratch or from a hot cocoa kit like this one from Beau-coup. For an even more unique take, try serving up chocolate on a stick! Just prepare some steamed milk to have guests pour over their chocolate sticks in a mug. This option is completely fun, and totally customizable to choice of milk and flavor of chocolate stick.


This is the best part really. It’s beautiful and decorative when displayed out across your table. Guests love the option to creatively customize their cup of cocoa, and it’s a fantastic way to get everyone to interact!

Delicious add-on items include: peppermint sticks, cookies, chocolate shavings, whipped cream, and marshmallows. For an adult add-on, try Kahlua, butterscotch Schnapps, or rum.

Our Favorite Recipes

Lastly, some delicious recipes to get you on your chocolaty way:

For a richer and more luxurious hot chocolate experience, here’s an easy Parisian chocolat chaud recipe from Paris-based pastry chef David Lebovitz, author of The Great Book of Chocolate.

We also love this kid-friendly version from the domestic diva herself, Martha Stewart. Only four ingredients!

For the spicy ones out there… give this Mexican hot chocolate recipe a whirl. It’s sure to liven up sleeping taste buds and parties alike!

That should do it hot chocolate lovers! Give this party theme a try and lets us know what you think!