A Winter Wedding Wonderland

(image credits clockwise from top left: Wedding Day Bliss, Loverly, Style Me Pretty, Brides, Orange Girl, Wedding Day Bliss, Beau-coup, 3-D Memoirs, Pinterest)

The smell of crisp air, the glistening white snow, the biting chill that makes you snuggle up just a little bit closer…

We love a beautiful winter wedding. Whether you’re attending one, hosting your own, or just thinking about a wintertime wedding for next year, this post is for you. Winter weddings can be gorgeous, amazingly fun and cost efficient as well.

Below we share some fabulous pictures and tips to help you maneuver a winter wedding like a boss. Prepare to be inspired!

Gorgeous Pictures

(image credit: Sortrature)

(image credit: Sortrature)

Snow cascading on top of you two, a beautiful ivory cream jacket, bright rosy cheeks. Get the picture? (Pun absolutely intended) This setting is absolutely gorgeous for one-of-a-kind wedding shots!

Save Some Money

(image credit: Sheperd’s Gate)

Because the winter season isn’t as popular as the coveted spring/summer time wedding, prices and availability for caterers, venues, and all other vendors are much more accessible and fairly priced.

The Color Inspirations

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Winter color themes range from icy blues, silvers, ivory whites, golds, and more. Generally, the colors are all glittery and glistening. That sounds pretty beautiful all on its own.

Comfort Foods

(image credit: The Catered Affair)

Because it IS winter, you can definitely get away with crowd pleasing comfort foods. Hearty winter fare will be appreciated by all your guests. Pork chops, charbroiled steaks, and mashed potatoes, doesn’t that sound delicious!?

Warming Drinks

(image credit: Pinterest)

Mulled ciders, hot cocoa, and hot totties are winter drink staples. Imagine the warm fuzzy feelings guests will have at your wedding while sipping on these delicious delights!

For even more winter wedding inspirations, check out our Pinterest board! There is just so much wintery goodness to look at, we’re going to pop with glittery snowflake excitement!