Last Minute Thanksgiving Checklist

It’s almost turkey day! We are beyond excited and cannot wait for the yummy feast and guaranteed good times with friends and family that await us.

If you’re lucky enough to be hosting this year, you’ve probably been planning, organizing, and cooking up a storm. While you’ve most likely got everything under control, there’s the off-chance that something is missed or just goes wrong. Don’t worry! We’ve compiled some great last minute tips below. Be sure to read this through before your guests’ arrival.

(image credits clockwise from top left: Good Housekeeping, Five Heart Home, Eat Well 101, Shelterness, The Novice Chef, Good Housekeeping)

Dessert Stress?

If you’re pumpkin pie goes awry … don’t stress. Create a fanciful array of cookies! Most grocery stores are open on Thanksgiving day for a limited amount of hours and can surely rescue the day. While store bought desserts lack a special homemade touch, it makes up with variety. Impress guests with a plentiful array of yummy treats to choose from! Trust us, no one will be missing that pie.

Fridge and Freezer Space

Once you start cranking out those dishes, it’s likely that some will need to “live” in the fridge or freezer until show time. Likely, you’ll also be dealing with a lot of leftovers. Do yourself a favor, go ahead and make room now, because before you know it, that fridge will be housing plenty of delicious delights!

Turkey 911

Did you burn the turkey? Is the turkey still frozen? Whatever your turkey emergency, the experts at Butterball are here to help. Give them a call at 1-800-BUTTERBALL (288-8372). The hotline is open until 4 p.m. PST Thanksgiving day.

Slow Cooker 101
You want to serve everything piping hot and ready at the same time but you have the challenge of only one oven. What do you do when the oven and burners are all occupied? You pull out the slow cooker! Fill it up with the prepared mashed potatoes/casserole/gravy/etc. and turn the setting on low. This keeps the item warm for hours and no tending is necessary!

Ice Ice Baby

Make or buy as much ice as you can now before guests arrive. This is one last minute item that we all tend to forget. Cocktails, sodas, water… people will request ice and since it takes hours to prepare, get going on this task early on.

Sandwich Bags To The Rescue

You did it! You prepared a delicious meal and it’s almost closing time. Being the gracious host that you are, you probably want to offer leftovers for your guests to take home. But this doesn’t necessarily mean doling out your precious and possibly sparse Tupperware set. Instead, offer guests leftovers in sandwich baggies and foil. Simply fill and zip or wrap, whatever is more convenient for you.

There you have it! Some last minute tips to help ensure a successful Thanksgiving event. Hopefully, these tips will allow you to enjoy the food and company, rather than stress over any potential kitchen calamities. But in the off-chance you do run into some Thanksgsiving disasters… oh well! This holiday is about getting together with our loved ones and to give thanks for our many blessings. As long as you remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving, you’re guaranteed a fantastic time. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!