Easily turn plain paper lanterns into DIY decorated delights!

We’re huge fans of paper lanterns and it’s easy to see why. They’re a great way to add dimension and eye-catching appeal to any decor. They’re also great as blank canvases for a creative DIY-er like yourself!

Today we’ll demonstrate two easy ways to add instant pizzazz to either plain or outdated paper lanterns.





This pretty and flirty look is easy to create! Here’s how:

  • Using your circle-shaped object, begin tracing circles on your chosen tissue paper
  • Cut out the traced circles and adhere a strip of double stick tape to the edge of one side
  • Tape the circles to the bottom of the lantern creating your first tier
  • Work your way up, with the second tier overlapping the first layer (creating that pretty scalloped design)
  • Repeat overlapping layers until you’ve reached the top and… voila, you’re done!

PRO TIP: Fold tissue paper into multiple layers while tracing and cutting to save time



This fringed lantern look is perfect for a festive celebration. It’s like a paper lantern pinata! (Just keep the kids away from this version… there isn’t any candy hiding in there!)

  • Fold/mark the paper depending on your design plan
  • Cut fringes about 1/3 of the way up (allow for space at top for double stick tape)

  • Adhere double stick tape to the top edge of fringed paper strip
  • Tape the fringe to the bottom of lantern, creating your first tier
  • Remove the excess paper
  • Work your way up to create your second tier while overlapping half of the previous tier for a layered look
  • Work your way up until you’ve reached the top for a finished fringed lantern!


  • Fold tissue paper into multiple layers while cutting to reduce time
  • Use the ribs on the lantern as a guide while working your way up


Give these looks a try and be sure to let us know how this decorated  lantern look turned out for you! We recommend the scalloped look for a more stylish affair and the fringed design for a festive fiesta.