Have a Ball with These Fun Children’s Games For a Sports Themed Birthday Party

Hosting a wildly fun kid’s birthday party can prove to be quite a task. The food, the decorations, the invite list… and on top of all that, you have to ensure that the kids AND the adults are all entertained. What’s a hostessing diva like yourself to do?

We suggest hosting a sports themed party. Decorating for this theme is easy thanks to sports themed decorations. With football lanterns, sport placemats, and themed party kits, your party will look the part in no time.

When it comes to food, this fun theme lends itself to a wide variety of creative food concepts. Soccer cookies, basketball shaped birthday cakes, football whoopie pies, the list goes on and on. So go ahead and get creative with your culinary prowess!

Now, when it comes to games and activities, we’ve got you covered with today’s post. With these all-inclusive games, this theme is ideal for both boys and girls – with the sport enthusiast loving this theme the most!


All-Star Introduction

(image credit: TC Palm)

Before the party games commence, host an opening ceremony of your own. Have each child run through their very own paper sign – just like in the big leagues! Create the signs out of tissue or crepe paper and with poster paint, decorate the signs with the child’s name and fun sayings like “Let’s Go!”.

Have the parents waiting at the other end to cheer them on as they run through the signs. You can use a microphone to announce each player with their “stats” as they run through. Be sure to have some pep rally type music and a video recorder on hand, you’ll definitely want to watch this fun event over and over again!


Football Toss

(image credit: Pinterest)

If you’re hosting a backyard event, try creating a football toss game. Simply cut different shapes into a sheet of tarp (an old sheet works just as well) and assign a point system to each shape. Give each child equal turns at throwing the ball and the player with the highest point wins!

If your birthday guests are on the younger side, adjust the height, distance, and football size accordingly.


Score The Goal

(image credit: Free Vector)

This game is a sports version of  pin the tail on the donkey. Create a soccer field with a goal net on each end on a large poster board. Divide your party guests into 2 teams. Blindfold each player and spin them around a few times to disorient their point a view (just a little!).

With soccer ball cutouts, have each blindfolded player “score” into the correct net for their team by pinning their ball onto the board. Have them go one at a time until each player has had their turn. The team with the most scored goals in the correct net wins!


Hot Basketball

(image credit: Best Children’s Games)

Think of this as a basketball drill and hot potato all mixed into one fun game. Gather the kids into a circle and with an appropriate sized basketball, have them toss it back and forth to one another until the music stops. The player who is holding the “hot basketball” when the music stops is out. Continue playing until only one player is left.

To increase the challenge and intensity of the game, start with slower paced music in the beginning and slowly increase the speed of the music as the game dwindles down in players.


Noodle Archery

(image credit: Parents)

This game is made out of pool noodles so it’s safe and fun for all ages. Create your archery station by joining together colorful rings into a point system target for noodle javelins. Assign a different point value to each ring. Depending on the age of your guests, adjust the height of the archery set and the player’s starting distance accordingly.