Gratuitous Pet Pictures // Animals in Weddings

What’s a wedding without everyone you love most surrounding you? These people made sure to include all their loved ones, even their beloved pets. Here are some of my favorite wedding pictures starring pets!


Your pup has proved his loyalty over the years, and has earned his spot in the bridal party. In some cases he may be ready to take his own vows, as seen below!

{ image credits clockwise from left: www.thewmpetconnection.comTime Inc.rodricghttp://www.weddingbellschapel.comAnthony van DyckAndrew Malone }



Kitties aren’t known for being particularly cuddly, but sometimes their presence on your big day is enough to make it super special. Just make sure your guests know if you plan on bringing a cheetah to the church, as seen in the black and white picture below!

{ image credits clockwise from left: Huffington PostClark Walker StudioRobin HuttonIvan Malafeyev, foxforcethreeSteve Jurvetson }


Horses and Goats

Cats and dogs don’t get to have all the fun! Some barnyard-loving brides like to include pets of the hoofed variety.

{ image credits clockwise from left:  rebecca.shiraevdjprybyllovethisdayevents.compoptasticbride.comweddbook.comBridal Musings on Pinterest }


Bonus photo: The Amazed Bowtie-Wearing Boston Terrier

I can think of several cute things this little guy might be thinking. What are your best guesses?

{ image credit: Style Me Pretty on Pinterest }