Fun Activities For Couples (You Should Definitely Do This On Your Honeymoon)

Enjoying your honeymoon isn’t typically something that takes a lot of convincing. If you’re lucky enough, you’ve probably already got hot tickets to (fill in the blank of somewhere exotic/tropical/international/metropolitan/remote/etc.), and you’re already likely to have a great time.

But if you’re wondering just exactly how to fill a week or two long getaway with fun and adventure, well… we’ve got some activities for couples to help you make the most of your newlywed time together (some of them are even outside of the hotel room)!


Tandem Biking

(image credit: Wedding Chicks)

While we all know what a tandem bike is, not many of us can claim to have ever ridden one. Don’t you think it’s time to rectify that? Hopping on one of these contraptions is a cute and romantic activity that you and your partner can do together to explore your surroundings. It encourages teamwork, adventure, and closeness. That sure does sound honeymoon worthy to us!



Zip Lining

(image credit: Princeville)

If you’re traveling to a destination where zip lining is available, we recommend you hop on board. This activity is absolutely exhilarating and sharing an adventure like this is especially memorable for a couple on their honeymoon. Can’t you just see it now, gliding atop a vast forest with nothing but trees for as far as the eye can see, all with your honey by your side? Swoon.



Couples Massage

(image credit: Zenergy Wellness)

Cliché? Maybe. But fabulous? Definitely. Don’t knock this activity just because you’re too cool for school and think that couples massages are cheesy and/or unnecessary. Trust, after a full day of exploring and walking out in the sun, you’ll be grateful to come home (hotel room) to a decadently relaxing massage. By including your partner in this activity, this traditionally solo event just turned all sorts of romantical.



Order Room Service

(image credit: ABC)

Devote a night dedicated solely to vegging out in your hotel room. Take advantage of the plush robes, order a movie, and be sure to treat yourselves to room service. It’s your honeymoon, let the fine dining come to you!



Go For a Hike

(image credit: Shutterstock)

Hiking is a sneakily romantic activity if you think about it. You’re spending plenty of quality time with one another, you’re pumping up your endorphins (getting all hot and sweaty), and if you do it right, you can prepare a delicious picnic to enjoy at sunset. Who knew hiking was so romantic?! Well, we did actually.



Get A Little Weird

(image credit: Love This Pic)

While we highly suggest this activity, it’s ultimately up to you to decide what it means exactly. Take the opportunity to be adventurous and to try new things – for the both of you. You’re on vacation with one another, have fun and get a little weird. We promise not to tell!