How To Throw Your Kid A Rockin’ Rainbow Birthday Party

If you’re hard-pressed for an awesome kid’s party theme, then we’re thinking a rockin’ rainbow birthday party is the way to go! A rainbow party is a fantastic birthday party idea because children tend to love color… LOTS of color and what has more color than rainbows?

Adults also love this theme because it’s easy to pull off and the end results are mind blowingly wild. You’re guaranteed to have some amazingly vivid pictures for the scrapbook.

Here’s how to get started:



(image credit: from house to home)

Let guests know of your theme right away by handing out festive rainbow themed invites. We love this example from from house to home because it’s perfectly colorful, fun, and rainbow inspired.



(image credit: Beau-coup)

When it comes to decorating for a rainbow birthday party, the key elements are bold, bright, and colorful. Achieve this with multi-color garlands/banners, bright gumballs in a ceramic dish, and rainbow inspired balloons floating around.



(image credit: ivillage)

Organize food by color to acheive a fun rainbow effect. You can also use the aid of food coloring for food and drinks to give any plain edible a bright and colorful edge.


(image credit: Beau-coup)

Along with the colorful food and drink offerings, be sure to present brightly colored rainbow inspired plates, cups, straws, etc. to really drive the theme home.



(image credit: ivillage)

Set up a fun paint station at the party and invite the birthday guests to create rainbow inspired masterpieces. They can either gift these pieces of work to the birthday boy or girl, or take home as a fun souvenir.

Another fun rainbow themed activity is to offer a rainbow photo booth. Easily create a rainbow backdrop by horizontally draping colorful pieces of material next to one another.



(image credit: Beau-coup)

Give your little birthday guests a cute memento to go home with. Rainbow lollipops or a colorful watercolor kit are both exceptionally fun and on-theme favor options.