DIY: Gold Glitter Champagne Bottles

We know, we know… we’re what you may call slightly “obsessed” with all things gold. But really, can you blame us? With favors THIS good-looking, can’t you understand why we subscribe to the mantra “all gold everything”?

If you – like us – can’t get enough of gold, then this easy project is just for you! This DIY is super simple yet super decadent looking. To get started, here’s what you’ll need:

Step 1) Apply Glue

Spray the cider bottle with the glue and let sit for 5 minutes. You can use a paintbrush to further spread it if it doesn’t spray on evenly.

PRO TIP: This part can get messy, so apply the glue inside of an open top box for easy clean up

Step 2) Just Add Glitter

Create a pile of the coarse glitter and roll the bottle through the glitter pile as evenly as possible.

PRO TIP: Pour glitter pile on top of construction paper for easy clean up

Repeat this process a few times to attain as full of coverage as possible. Use your fingers to add glitter to the “naked” portions of the bottle as necessary.


  • Use additional glue and glitter as required to cover any bare spots
  • Use a silicone or lacquer sealer afterwards to keep the glitter in place

Step 3) Finishing the Look

You did it! You’ve successfully glittered your bottles for a decadently elegant look. Now finish the project by tying a decorative straw and  personalized ribbon to complete the look for a gorgeous presentation. This cute finished project is a delicious treat that guests can enjoy at the party or bring home as a unique souvenir!


  • For an ombre effect, add a little glue to the bottom of the completed bottle. Using a fine glitter with a different color, sprinkle along bottom of bottle