What Is Your Ideal Destination Wedding?

When you imagine the perfect wedding ceremony, what do you see? Are you exchanging vows on a sunny, sandy beach? Or are you listening to the warm echoes of a church organ? Or perhaps you’re envisioning a white cocktail dress with promises of dancing until the wee hours?

However you see yourself exchanging “I Do’s”, read on to find out the type of destination wedding – along with a few suggestions – that is ideal for you.


For the Beach Bunny

(image credit: Pinterest)

Calling all beach babes, if you’re already an avid fan of sand, sun, and surf – then it only makes sense to have a beach destination wedding. Can’t you see it now? Powdery soft sand, sun-kissed faces, and never ending oceans. The romance speaks for itself! We’re also willing to bet guests won’t be grumbling too much with the idea of spending time in paradise…

Location Recommendations: The Bahamas, Fiji, Hawaii, Thailand, Bora Bora


For the History Buff

(image credit: Ryan Wyckoff)

If you’re looking for “something old” to go with your borrowed and blue, nothing is older (read historical) and more charming than a destination wedding set in Europe. Europe is a continent full of history and romance. Here you’ll find venue options such as villas, cathedrals, and medieval castles. With its breathtaking views, countryside sights, and historical adventures, the post wedding activities are sure to please you and your guests alike.

Location Recommendations: Ireland, Scotland, Italy, France


For the Party Goer

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We get it. Getting hitched warrants a huge celebration and you should do just that, celebrate! For the party aficionados, maybe a mild and humdrum wedding just won’t do. You’ve probably got your eyes set on all night dancing, champagne fountains, and tigers on gold leashes. We like your style and we sure are hoping for an invite!

Location Recommendations: Ibiza, Cancun, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro


Have you decided where to have your destination wedding yet? Wherever you go, just be sure to brush up on these 7 honeymoon must-haves before taking off!