7 Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas That Totally Rock

(image: The Artful Bachelorette)


The extraordinary bride-to-be deserves an extraordinary bachelorette party, don’t ya think!?

Days of yore where a hired B-rate stripper gyrates on your living room floor just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. We’re modern, we’re adventurous and quite frankly… we’re unimpressed with the current state of bachelorette party affairs.

So let’s think outside the box with fun, new, and creative bachelorette party ideas. To get you on your merry marry way, here’s our top seven!


1. X-rated Art Class

There’s a reason this made the top of our list. Art, check. Wine, check. Gorgeous male model… CHECKMATE! We’ve got to hand it to the Artful Bachelorette for this deliciously sinful idea. It’s equal parts risque, cultural, and fun. Sounds like a blast!


2. Calling All Cowgirls

Hey dudedettes! Consider a dude ranch for a totally unique bachelorette party idea. It’s a real working ranch, with real cattle, and real cowboys that just also happen to accept guests! Consider this adventure for a taste of the old wild west (while still enjoying the comforts of modern day hospitality).


3. Private Cooking Class

Try hiring a private chef for your foodie bride-to-be. This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to bond and to learn some new skills while they’re at it. In particular, she’ll love this creative and fun departure from the norm and you’ll love all the yummy eats after the private lesson!


4. Wine Tasting

Can’t you just see it now? Rolling up with your best gal pals in a stetch limo, hopping from one winery to the next. Picnicking in the sun while sipping on crisp champagne. Sounds like heaven. It also sounds like your next bachelorette party idea!


5. Hotel Pool Party

If you’re hosting a local bachelorette soiree, consider hosting it at a fancy hotel pool! You don’t have to travel far and wide to find a nice hotel with spa services and a fun pool. The girls will love the idea of pampering and lounging and the bride will appreciate the girly theme.


6. Pole Dancing Classes

Yes, this is totally a thing. Not only is it a “thing”, it’s ridiculously trendy, a fantastic workout, and utterly sexy! Better dust off those plexiglass heels because you’re going to need them.


7. Burlesque Drag Show

Go ahead and let loose! There’s no better atmosphere to let the hair down than with a bunch of sexy drag queens. With this wildly fun bachelorette party option, the bachelorette will be dancing and singing all night long!


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