Delectable Pairings – Wine, Cheese, and Dessert Pairings To Savor

If you’re anything like us, then three of your favorite indulgences include wine, cheese, and dessert. Lucky for all of us, pairing the three is considered a norm because of how they can compliment one another. The tricky part is knowing what works best together, which is why we decided to create a sample menu. You’ll find examples of what cheeses and desserts to pair with your wine whether it’s a bold red or a mild white. Take a look at our sample menu and read our tips below to find out what makes a perfect pairing.

Cheese Pairing Tips: 

  • The harder the cheese, the bolder and darker the wine.
  • The softer the cheese, the lighter the wine.
  • Try to keep characteristics alike (mild wine, mild cheese.) Although exceptions do occur. For example, Pinot Noir is food friendly and pairs great with mild mozzarella.
  • Serve cheese at room temperature. White wine should be served chilled and red wine should be served just below room temperature.

Dessert Pairing Tips: 

  • The darker the dessert, the darker the wine.
  • The lighter the dessert, the lighter the wine.
  • Generally, the dessert should be sweeter than the wine.
  • Desserts that include fruit, work best with wines that are sweeter than the dessert itself. This is because fruit has a wide range of acidity.

All in all, it really comes down to your taste preferences. But these are good guidelines to get you started! Do you have a favorite wine and cheese pairing? How about a wine and dessert pairing? We would love to hear your favorites.