10 Fun And Affordable Kid’s Party Games


(image credit: Brit.co)

Are you looking for fun party games that won’t break the bank? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Each featured game requires minimal supplies and work great for anyone on a budget. Try hosting any of these games at your next party for an extra fun time!

Donut On A String 

This game is always a crowd pleaser. Tie both ends of a long piece of string to something sturdy, such as a tree. Next, use shorter pieces of string to tie donuts onto the longer piece so that the donuts are dangling.  Don’t forget to make sure that each player is able to reach a donut. The object of the game is to see who can eat their donut the quickest – no hands allowed!

Penny Stack 

For this game, the only supplies you need are pennies and a timer. Using only one hand, each player must stack as many pennies as they can before the timer goes off. It may sound easy, but it gets more and more difficult as the stack gets taller. If the pennies fall, then the player has to start over. Whoever’s stack of pennies is the tallest at the end of the timer is the winner.

Junk In The Trunk 

This hilarious game requires a little DIY before playing. You’ll need empty tissue boxes, string or yarn, and ping pong balls. Make sure you have a tissue box for each player and about 10 ping pong balls per child. First, punch a hole in the bottom of two opposite sides of each tissue box. Pull string or yarn through both holes to create a “belt.” Make sure that the top part of the tissue box (where you would grab a tissue) is facing outwards. Place the same amount of ping pong balls in each tissue box. When it’s time to start the game, tie a belt around each player’s waist with the tissue box behind them. The object of this game is to shake and jump around until all the ping pong balls have fallen out! It’s easier said than done, and super fun and hilarious to watch. The first player to shake all their ping pong balls out first wins.

Hula Hoop Race 

This game is all about team effort. Separate the players into two teams and have them line up holding hands. Each team has to get a hula hoop from one side of their line to the other, without letting go of each other’s hands. Everyone will have to step and duck through the hula hoop in a race against the other team!

Cotton Ball Scoop 

This is another game that is hilarious to watch, so have only one or two people play at a time. That way, the others can get a good laugh. Have the child playing sit on the floor with a bowl and cotton balls in front of them. Spread out the cotton balls on the floor, but make sure that the player can reach them from where they are sitting. Blindfold the player, and give them a plastic spoon. Now they need to scoop as many cotton balls as they can into the bowl. Sounds easy right? But because the cotton balls are so light, it’s hard to tell whether one is on the spoon or not when blindfolded. The player who ends up with the most cotton balls in their bowl before the timer runs out wins.

Pick-up Sticks 

All you need for this game are chopsticks, mini marshmallows, and bowls. Give each player an empty bowl, a bowl full of mini marshmallows, and a pair of chopsticks. Whoever can transfer all their mini marshmallows to their empty bowl first wins. But they can only use chopsticks to move them!

Tin Can Stilt Races 

This idea doubles as an easy activity and game. All you need are two empty tin cans per person, rope, and a tool to cut holes through the cans such as a drill or a nail. Parents – make two holes on opposite sides of each can. Pull the rope through both holes and tie together inside the can. Remember to make sure that the rope is long enough for each player to reach. When the stilts are ready, let the kids paint the tin cans for a fun art project. Once the paint is dry, it’s time to race! Getting the hang of balancing on the cans may be difficult at first, so you may need to let the kids practice first. Once they have found their balance, have them race across the yard!

Post And Shake It 

This fun game has the easiest set-up yet. All you need are post-it notes and a timer! First, have the players split up into groups of two or three. One child will stand still while their teammates cover them with as many post-its as they can. Once the timer goes off, count how many post-its are still on each player. The team that has the most post-it notes still sticking wins! Start another game by having each team try and shake off all their post-its. The team that shakes off all their post-its without using hands first wins.

Tidy Up The Room 

Separate a room in half using a blanket, string, or even a line-up of pillows to differentiate the two sides. Have the players split into two teams, one for each side of the room. Crumple up pieces of paper to make paper balls and spread them out on each side of the room. Don’t all those paper balls make the room look like a mess? It’s time to tidy up the room! Tell the two teams that the object of the game is to tidy up their side of the room by making the other team’s side “dirty.” Throw the paper balls to the other team’s side, keeping as few on their own side of the room as possible! Set a timer that the players can’t see, and start! When the timer goes off, the team with the “cleanest” room wins.

Cookie Face 

It’s a race to eat your cookie! Have each player lean their head back so that they are looking straight up and place a cookie on their forehead. Each player has to get their cookie from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands. Whoever manages to move their cookie to their mouth and eat it first wins!