9 Ways To Spruce Up An Autumn Dinner Party

You don’t need a holiday to throw a party. In fact, we believe in celebrating every special occasion. We happen to be extremely excited for fall (the first official day was yesterday) and believe the new season is worth celebrating! With seasonal colors, cozy weather, and pumpkin recipes on our minds, we felt that a dinner party deemed appropriate. So without further ado, we present to you nine of our favorite ways to spruce up what we are calling an Autumn Dinner Party.

Natural Centerpieces 

(image credit: Weddingchicks)

When we think fall, we think natural beauty. The vivid leaves alone are enough to convince us that natural beauty is powerful. We love how this table consists of pumpkins, leaves, and simple floral. Try lining your table with natural items, and don’t be afraid to keep it simple. A little can go a long way!

Colored Glassware 

(image credit: 100layercake)

Take those vivid fall colors and let them take over your glassware. It’s another simple yet effective way to liven up your table. Reds, oranges, plum, and deep greens work well for a fall theme.

Place Cards 

(image credit: Bloglovin)

Place cards will make your dinner party seem classier than the average get together. It’s amazing to see how a little DIY turned a leaf into a gleaming metallic place card. Using a leaf instead of paper is a great way to keep up with the fall theme, but a printed place card works just as beautifully!

Pretty Corsages For Your Guests 

(image credit: 100layercake)

Welcome, your guests with something they can each wear, such as a pretty corsage.  It’s a fun way to have them feel like part of an exclusive group. It also makes for fun pictures!


(image credit: Marthastewart)

If a nice placemat is involved, then the dinner must be classy. Placemats are a simple way to add color and texture to your table setting and make it look that much more upscale. Placemats also don’t need to be cloth to look chic. Opt for the original cloth or try parchment paper or wood! It’s all about how you accessorize.

Printed Menus 

(image credit: Etsy)

Let your guests know what’s on the menu ahead of time with well… printed menus. It brings some elegance to the table. Plus, people like knowing what’s for dinner! We bet you can even make these yourself.

Proper Table Setting 

(image credit: Snippetandink)

Whether you consider your dinner party to be formal or semi-formal, proper table setting is evident. Confused on what’s considered proper? We can teach you how it’s done here.


(image credit: Hostesswiththemostess)

Wine has the power to make any event seem classy. Be sure to include a glass for wine in your table setting and have a variety for your guests to taste. You can even choose your wine to complement appetizers, dinner, or dessert. We have a list of great wine pairings here.

Warm Blankets And Cushions 

(image credit: Camillestyles)

Plush cushions can make any dining experience cozy. And if you happen to be hosting dinner outside, try having warm blankets handy! It’s a nice way to enjoy the newly crisp air without getting too chilly.