Broke Honeymoon Woes? Mini Moon It For A Magically Romantic Adventure

With all the costs that go into the wedding ceremony and reception, you may be a bit disappointed with what’s actually leftover for the honeymoon.

But did you know that you can have yourself an amazing, romantic, and memorable honeymoon locally?

If you’re finding yourself strapped for cash for the honeymoon, then consider a local “mini moon” using the ideas below.

Get Outside

(image credit: The Bride Link)

For a truly budget friendly honeymoon, a camping getaway is an ideal option. It’s affordable, local, and low maintenance. But also, what’s more romantic than nature, starry skies, and quality one-on-one time?

Staying In

(image credit: Animal-Kid)

You don’t have to travel far and wide for a romantic getaway. If homeward bound for your honeymoon, then dress up your bedroom with romantic touches like rose petals, candlelight, and mood music. You’ll have a romantic honeymoon oasis in a snap!

Visit A Swanky Local Hotel

(image credit: Mr Cream)

A great local “getaway” idea is to stay a night or two at an upscale hotel. With room service, in-room entertainment, and cleaning services at your fingertips, you’ll feel pampered, rested, and happy in no time.

Play Tourist

(image credit: Teyler’s Museum)

Take this opportunity to visit your local sites. Museums, symphonies, and shows are a wonderful way to escape the daily grind and to share a magical moment with your new spouse.

Enjoy A Spa Day

(image credit: Wilbur Hot Springs)

Take advantage of your state’s natural resources if possible by visiting local hot springs and/or mud baths. If your options are a bit more limited, opt for a spa day filled with services like couples massage and facials.

Visit A Local Bed & Breakfast

(image credit: Blueberry Cove Inn)

In contrast to the swanky local hotel option, try your hand at a bed and breakfast for a budget mini moon. It’s a romantic, cozy, and delicious way to escape monotony while simultaneously celebrating your recent nuptials.

These local honeymoon ideas allow you to celebrate your love without breaking the bank. With just a bit of creativity, planning, and budgeting, you can easily enjoy the sites and sounds of your neighborhood as a viable honeymoon option.