Bridesmaids unite

BM night kicked off with hair and makeup while munching on cookies and crackers and watching soap operas. At my age (late 20’s) summer plans tend to revolve around weddings. Whether it is attending one, traveling to one or being in one, it seems like they come one after another. This year I had four and was a bridesmaid in one…a relatively easy year. Some of my girl friends and I decided early in the year that we would come together at the end of the summer and celebrate our roles as bridesmaids. We designated a night (August 12th) as official BM night. On BM night, we each dressed up in a bridesmaid dress from this summer’s round of weddings and we went for a night on the town. I have to admit, in the beginning, it was a joke…a dare. How hilarious would it be don our pastel dresses again to have dinner in one of the city’s hip restaurants and then go to a club? With each girl wearing a different colored dress, some tea length, mine floor-length, all finished with a ribbon sash around the waist we stuck out like sore thumbs among the trendy SF diners. Too many times we sit around complaining about the time and money involved in going to weddings. With an average of 4 or 5 a year, plus showers, bachelorette parties and gifts…it can add up. Add to that the expenses some of us take on as bridesmaids, buying the dress, shoes and paying for hair and makeup and it can be draining. So if it takes a little fun-poking and self-mocking to ease the wedding fatigue, so be it! We had a great time on BM night. If nothing else, at least we put those dresses to use one more time. When asked by some folks at a bar what it was we were celebrating, we replied, “friendship”. How about it girls? BM night 2007…who’s interested?