Best, Most Creative Wedding Entrances – A Video Roundup

Your wedding is the perfect time to let your personality shine, so take a page from these happy couples’ books and set the tone as soon as you walk in!

This popular video kicked off a worldwide craze for cute entries full of personality:

One beautiful bride fell in love with a song from “The Muppets Take Manhattan” and found the perfect way to incorporate it into her wedding – a musical processional!

This couple had only one mission – get married spy style!

One Aussie couple made a super dramatic (and cinematic) entrance to their reception:

This happy couple promised to never let go as they sailed into their reception in style:

Another couple laid the smackdown on competitors with a WWE-style entrance:

And one adventurous couple threw caution to the wind and zip-lined in:

Have you made an over-the-top entrance at your wedding? Do you have big plans to surprise your wedding guests? Share your story in the comments!