3 Anniversary Parties in 1: Past, Present, and Future Theme

Whether you’re celebrating 5 years, 10 years, or even 25 or more years of marriage, you’ve come a long way together. You two are the dynamic duo, and you have many adventures left ahead of you. That’s why celebrating every milestone is so important!

Take your wedding anniversary party to a new level with a Past, Present, and Future Themed Party. It’s like having three parties for the price of one, and is a super creative (and memorable!) way to map out your journey together.

To pull this off, you’ll need 3 distinct areas for past, present and future. If you have 3 rooms at your disposal, great! If not, simply hang up banners identifying each area.

Space #1: Embrace the Past

The first space is the perfect place to show off pictures from the past and explore any retro or vintage decorating styles you’ve been meaning to try. If you loved The Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey, accentuate your space with a roaring 20s theme.

baby pictures with a roaring 20s theme

Make it more personal by including family heirlooms and memorabilia in the décor. Then, collect an assortment of antique-looking frames and fill them with pictures from you and your partner’s past. For inspiration, look through your baby pictures, milestone pictures from throughout your childhood, teenage antics, and early relationship pictures.

Space #2: Celebrate the Present

The second space is ideal for embracing any current, modern trends you’ve been dying to try out. According to Good Housekeeping, two of 2013’s hottest decorating trends are stark black-and-white décor or combining colorful accents with unfinished wood pieces and natural, unpolished stone.

Once you’ve picked the perfect decorating scheme, add in a ton of pictures from your first year or two of marriage and. Spice those up by adding in pictures of each of you doing something that currently interests you. If you’re really into baking cute cupcakes and your partner just took up golf, those solo activities will look great among your lovey-dovey newlywed pictures.

engagement and wedding day photo collage

You can also make a display for any mementos from those first special years, like the cake topper from your wedding, your first cupcake baking tin, your partner’s first set of clubs, etc. , little love notes, and pictures from pro sessions.

Space #3: Dream up a Future

Essentially, this portion of the party is a blank canvas – and it’s completely up to you how it winds up looking! The best part of this is that you can invite your guests to get creative. Start by filling every available space with blank paper, canvas, or guest books so that your friends and family can write down their best wishes for you or draw silly pictures everyone can enjoy.

Then, create a vision board to inspire your guests as they leave their well wishes for you and your partner. Make a physical pin-board with clippings of places you want to go, things you want to do, and ideas about what you want to accomplish in the future. If you want to visit the Seven Wonders of the World or start a family, put it on your vision board!

make a vision board for your future dreams and goals as a couple

As your guests wander from room to room, they will get to experience your joy first hand through your photos and memorabilia. Finish the party off with stylish anniversary party favors as fun mementos your guests can take home.

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