Announcing the Winners of Beau-coup’s Annual Dessert Competition!

Yesterday was a day of excitement for everyone at Beau-coup –  the day of judgment for our annual dessert contest!

We go all out when it comes to office competitions, and this time around the friendly jabs hit an all-time high as various team members tried to convince everyone that they would win. This year, the stakes (and right to brag) were especially high. Last year, our tech department stepped up to the plate and surprised everyone by snagging the title from the merch team with their mouth-watering cheesecake, leaving merch with something to prove.

Who won? Read on to find out!

invitation to Beau-coup's annual dessert competition

Our judging panel had the difficult decision of narrowing down the delicious entries to just a few. This strawberry-topped tres leches cake was submitted by one of our tech gurus and proved to be truly tasty! Alas, it narrowly missed out on a space in the top three.

tres leches cake topped with strawberries

These mini mochi cupcakes with fresh seasonal fruit were submitted by another one of our tech guys. While scrumptious, this one also just barely missed out on the top three. We feel like winners for getting to eat them though!

miniature mochi cupcakes with seasonal fruit topping

Taking third place was this pretty pink batch of Raspberry Obsession cupcakes baked by our new customer service manager on her very first day of work!

pretty pink raspberry obsession cupcakes

The second place prize went to our creative director, who turned in this tasty pear tart that was almost too pretty to eat! Don’t worry – we totally ate it all.

tart with flower-shaped pear slices

And the winner is…our merchandising department! The merch team collaborated to make this stunning stack of sweets they called “strawberry mochitos” – a cool mixture of strawberries, fresh whipped cream, and bits of strawberry mochi cake.

petite strawberry mochitos

Each of the winners got an amazing prize for their efforts. I still say we were all winners with that much deliciousness in one place!

Don’t our entries look mouth-watering? What surefire winner would you have made for a dessert competition? Tell us in the comments!