A Family Affair

More happy news.  My cousin got engaged on New Year’s Eve! Just like Amy’s family (see previous entry), my family is very close. There are over 40 members in my extended family and we behave like immediate family. So when my cousin called to share the news, those of us in the area including aunties, uncles, siblings and cousins planned a mini excursion to visit my her and her new fiancé. The poor guy didn’t know what was coming. A normally reserved man, he had to handle visiting relatives, and there were a lot of us since many had flown in for the holidays, show us around his neighborhood and answer all the usual questions about the wedding, his work, their lives.and all within 24 hours of the proposed. The guy took it like a champ. He was gracious, warm and inviting despite the relatively intrusion.

Some argue that a wedding should only be about the couple and their love. But I argue that it is a family affair. Your family is yours forever and on your wedding day, in addition to exchanging vows, you are standing up there so that your loved ones my share in your joy. My advice is, if you have a close-knit family like I do, take every measure to ensure that they are welcomed and comfortable on your wedding day, even if it inconveniences you a little.

My cousin later confessed that her fiancé had in the past brought up the idea of eloping to escape the hassle and drama surrounding a big wedding. But he took it back after meeting the family, saying that now that he had met us, he couldn’t imagine doing it without us. After all, I say, they have the rest of their lives to be together.what’s one day with the family!