A Christmas surprise

We called it, and sure enough, news of couples who got engaged over the holidays rolled in. Our own Beaucoup gal, Amy came back to work after Christmas home in Denver with a shiny engagement ring and a new fiancé. And to think, the whole thing was almost derailed by the blizzard that shut down Denver International Airport.

After days of nerve wracking anticipation and despite canceled, changed and delayed flights, Amy made it to Denver where her fiancé had been waiting after arriving the day before. The couple shared a warm, festive Christmas Eve with Amy’s family and on Christmas Day, in front of Amy’s weeping parents he offered her a ring and asked for her hand in marriage.

Needless to say, we are very excited for Amy. Her fiancé did it right! Having her family present for this monumental event was sweet and bold, charming…and perfect. There will be more to come as the couple begins to plan their wedding. Congrats, Amy!