9 Yummy Valentine’s Day Drink Recipes To Help You Fall In Love

Love is in the air — and in your tummy too with these delicious Valentine’s Day drink recipes! This year, we say forget the chocolates and upgrade to an adult-approved cocktail instead. So to help get you prepared for the big day, we decided to round up nine irresistibly sweet cocktails for you and your sweetie to enjoy. Take a peek below, click on the images for full recipes, and get ready for the tastiest Valentine’s Day ever.

1) Valentine’s Day Cocktail

(image credit: Honestlyyum)

Garnished with the cutest cinnamon heart, this sweet cocktail is easy to make and oh-so-delicious.

2) Sweetie Martini

(image credit: Inspiredbycharm)

Inspired by a cake batter martini, this creamy cocktail is not only sweet, but beautifully finished with festive sprinkles too. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

3) Rose Fizz

(image credit: Honestlyyum)

A combination of two classic cocktails (the Clover Club and Romos Fizz), this rose-infused cocktail makes a tasty and festive Valentine’s Day treat.

4) Spiced Pomegranate Cocktail

(image credit: Honestlyyum)

Add a little spice to the night with this spiced concoction. This tasty cocktail has a mixture of flavors including vodka, pomegranate, and vanilla.

5) Chocolate Covered Cherry Sangria

(image credit: Thecookierookie)

This cocktail is easy to make and perfectly reminiscent of chocolate covered cherries thanks to ingredients such as chocolate red wine, chocolate flavored vodka, and black cherry juice.

6) The Paloma

(image credit: Bsinthekitchen)

With splashes of tequila, grapefruit, and sugar, these cocktail is both sweet and tart for your sweetheart.

7) The Dirty Shirley

(image credit: Sheknows)

As if Shirley Temples weren’t delicious enough. This grown-up version is spiked with vodka making the tastiest of cocktails.

8) Sweet Eve Strawberry Cocktail

(image credit: Drinkinginamerica)

Keep things classic with strawberries and champagne. You really can’t go wrong with this tasty duo.

9) Black Cherry Sling Cocktail

(image credit: Ahealthylifeforme)

This is basically the adult version of cherry soda. And oh, is it tasty!