How-To Pull Off a Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Wedding

To some, a Valentine’s Day wedding may seem cheesy and unoriginal. And while we are all entitled to our opinion on the subject, we absolutely believe that there are plenty of beautiful, original, and non-cheesy ways to wed on February 14th. By including subtle hints from the holiday  into your wedding decor, supplies, eats, and favors, it’s easy to make your dream wedding come to life.

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Hints of Romance

You don’t have to hit them over the head with a Valentine’s Day theme. Instead, interject hints throughout your event to subtly get the point across. For example, “XOXO” represents hugs and kisses making it decidedly Valentine’s Day, but not over-the-top cheesy. Another fun idea is to include Cupid’s bow & arrow which is both subtle and romantic.

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Color Scheme 

If you’re trying to avoid over-the-top, then opt for elegant colors like gold and silver with subtle touches of red and pink. Shades of peach, maroon, and purple also make romantic color options. This way, you can still maintain the look and feel of Valentine’s Day while keeping things classy and elegant.

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Hidden Gems 

Like romantic gestures, sweet details matter and are most appreciated when it’s unexpected. Hide little Valentine’s Day clues throughout your wedding using non-traditional methods as a fun way to pay tribute to the holiday. By paying attention to the tiniest of details, delivered in the most surprising of ways, guests are sure to notice the Valentine’s Day touches without being overwhelmed by them. (Psst, see how another Cupid’s arrow snuck into the decor below?)

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“Valentines Gifts” for Your Guests 

Finding the perfect gift for your sweetheart always seems to be a big part of Valentine’s day and when it comes to weddings, we say that gifting your guests with a favor is a must. Instead of opting for favors you might expect at a Valentine’s Day event such as chocolates or roses, we say give your gifts something original with just a hint of romance. Items such as bottle openers, soap, lip balm, and drinkware that have personal touches are just some of our favorite ideas.

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So tell us — how to you plan to execute your Valentine’s Day wedding?

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