9 Recipes and Packaging Ideas for Holiday Cookies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and it’s also time to spread holiday cheer all around. With Christmas only 3 weeks away and today being #NationalCookieDay, we thought what better way to get in the holiday spirit than by whipping up a batch of delicious cookies and packaging them up to share with your family and friends. So, we went ahead and found 9 delicious cookie recipes and paired them with both adorable and festive packaging ideas. Whether you’re passing out cookies to your family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors, or even total strangers – there’s really no easier (or tasty) way to spread the joy. Take a look at these easy directions for pretty packaging and be sure to click on the links below the images to get your full cookie recipes. Let’s start baking some yummy holiday cookies and crafting some holiday packaging!

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies in a Reindeer Takeout Box 

(image credit: Placeofmytaste)

(image credit: Placeofmytaste)

These chewy, chocolate, sugar coated cookies look like they’ve been dusted in snow and taste absolutely delicious! Get the recipe for Chocolate Crinkle Cookies.

Packaging: Place cookies in a brown takeout box. Glue on google eyes and a red or black pom pom ball. Cut a slit on opposite sides of the takeout box’s lid and pull through a tree branch. Tie with festive ribbon or string.

Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies in an Envelope 

(image credit: Goinghometoroost)

(image credit: Goinghometoroost)

Similar to the previous batch, these cookies have all the same mouthwatering features, just in red velvet instead of chocolate! Get the recipe for Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies.

Packaging: To create this cookie envelope start off my folding cardstock lined with wax paper on one side, that has been cut into a flower shape (as if the flower has 4 petals). To close, you can get as creative as you like. Use tape to securely close, or use a hole punch to make holes on opposite ends, and tie a piece of ribbon through. You can even tie in buttons as well!

Holiday Oreos in a Lace Adorned Bag 

(image credit: Celebrate-creativity:

(image credit: Celebrate-creativity)

YUM! As if Oreos alone weren’t good enough… these minty white chocolate and peppermint covered Oreos are to die for. Get the recipe for Holiday Oreos.

Packaging: To get the look of this packaging, you’ll need clear cellophane bags, doilies, a stapler, a hole punch, and string. Start off by placing your cookies in the clear bag and folding the top of the bag over. Next, fold a doily over the top, and staple it on. (Now your bag is securely closed and your doily is attached.) Use your hole punch to make holes on both sides of the staple and tie your string through. Now tie a pretty bow or tie some garnish on and you’re all set with a pretty cookie package.

Cranberry Pistachio Shortbread Cookies: 

(image credit: Heatherbullard)

(image credit: Heatherbullard)

This festive take on the shortbread cookie is both buttery and flakey and includes delicious chopped cranberries and pistachios. Get the recipe for Cranberry Pistachio Shortbread Cookies.

Packaging: Stack a group of cookies and wrap in cellophane, leaving extra cellophane on both ends. Use some pretty ribbon to tie both ends securely closed.

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Peek-a-Boo Paper Bag 

(image credit: Gimmesomeoven)

(image credit: Dreierlei-liebelei)

You can’t go wrong with a classic chocolate chip cookie. These ones look especially delicious! Get the recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Packaging: This has to be one of the cutest paper bags we’ve ever seen. If you can’t find a bag with the “peek-a-boo” feature, then create your own! Cut a shape out of the paper bag and tape cellophane or plastic wrap across the shape, taping on the inside of the bag. Add a pretty tag, ribbon, or any other decoration you like. We also love the idea of personalized bags and organza bags!

Salted Caramel Thumbprint Cookies in a Festive Holiday Box 

(image credit: Cookingclassy)

(image credit: Confettisunshine)

These chewy chocolate cookies have just the right balance of sweet and salty and with a caramel center and extra drizzle of chocolate, these cookies look positively gourmet. Get the recipe for Salted Caramel Thumbprint Cookies.

Packaging: All you need for this look is a plain white or ivory box and some markers. Place your cookies inside and draw on your favorite design or write a special message on the lid of the box.

Gingerbread Men in a Cup 

(image credit: Gluttenfreeonashoestring)

(image credit: Dreierlei-liebelei)

No cookie says Christmas quite like a gingerbread man and these ones are both tasty and gluten free. Get the recipe for Gluten Free Gingerbread Men.

Packaging: Place your gingerbread men in a decorative a piece of cellophane flat, place bowl of gingerbread men in the center, and gather the cellophane to securely tie at top with festive ribbon. That’s it!

Eggnog Snickerdoodles wrapped in Pretty Parchment Paper 

(image credit: Amyshealthybaking)

(image credit: Acreativemint)

Who knew the sweet taste of eggnog could be incorporated into a cookie? You’ll want to try this tasty recipe while you can still get your hands on some eggnog. Get the recipe for Eggnog Snickerdoodles.

Packaging: Another easy idea, simply wrap your cookies in parchment paper, tape the ends down, and then tie with some pretty ribbon or string.

Chewy Chocolate Gingersnaps in a Jar 

(image credit: Handletheheat)

(image credit: Thesoutherninstitute)

These chocolate gingersnaps have a surprise inside… more chocolate! Need we say more? Get the recipe for Chewy Chocolate Gingersnaps.

Packaging: For this look, all you have to do is simply stack your cookies in your favorite jar. Add decorative paper, ribbon, or string to the lid and finish off by tying on an ornament for a similar look.

Do you have a favorite holiday cookie? Are you dying to try one of these recipes? Do you planning on packaging cookies in boxes, jars, tins, or paper bags this year? We would love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to send us a comment. Happy holidays!