5 Fun Ways to Jazz Up Your Wedding Ceremony

We absolutely love when couples think outside the box for their wedding day – but for some reason, it seems like brides and grooms put a lot more creative energy into the reception as opposed to the ceremony. With the ceremony being such a meaningful part of the wedding, (this is the part where you say “I do” after all!) we want to encourage you to get just as creative with your ceremony as you do with your reception. So today, we’re sharing 5 fun ways for brides and grooms to jazz up their wedding ceremony. Check out some of our favorite ideas below and remember that at the end of the day, you should have a ceremony that you absolutely love. Take some inspiration from these concepts and make them your own!

1) Unique Seating

(image credit: Rockmywedding, Stylemepretty)

Get creative with your seating to make your wedding ceremony truly one-of-a-kind. There are several different seating options to choose from depending on the theme of your wedding, such as hay barrels with blankets for a casual, barnyard wedding or love seats and mix-and-matched chairs for a romantic garden wedding. You also don’t have to stick to a standard seating chart. You may have heard the saying “pick a seat, not a side” which is becoming quite popular at weddings.

2) Scenic Views

(image credit: Strictlywedding, Theknot)

Scenic views from every angle are one of the most breathtaking ways to jazz up your wedding ceremony. Whether you love views of the mountains, the city, the desert, or the beach, we encourage you to marry in an environment that is special to you and has the best of views.

3) Amazing Altars

(image credit: Diodecor, Ecinvites)

Another one of our favorite ideas for a jazzed up wedding ceremony is amazing altars that are unique to the bride and groom. If you both love to sail, go for a boat as your altar. If you love the look of a French cottage, try double doors adorned with greenery. There are so may different options to choose from.

4) Music from the Heart

Whether the bride sings to the groom as she walks down the aisle, the groom sings to the bride or the two of you sing a song together, this is definitely one of the most special ways to make your ceremony stand out.

5) Moonlight Vows

Nighttime ceremonies have such a wow factor. Add twinkling lights, lanterns, candles, and sparklers to make your ceremony really impress your guests. Plus, views of the moon and stars is a bonus that you and your guests are sure to love.

Do you especially love any of these ideas? What do you plan on doing at your wedding ceremony to make it uniquely yours? Did you or someone you know do something special that you would like to mention?