5 Chinese New Year Fun Facts

Chinese New Year begins on Sunday February 10, 2013. We are entering the year of the Snake, which is a positive sign filled with energy and motivation according to the zodiac. In honor of the new year, here are some fun facts about Chinese New Year!

1. The holiday lasts fifteen days from start to finish, and with more than 1 billion Chinese citizens living around the world, it’s estimated that as much as 1/6th of the earth’s population celebrates the holiday!

2. Chinese New Year is a family-oriented holiday, making the holiday the world’s largest human migration as Chinese people travel home to spend quality time with family and friends.

3. Last year, more than 19 billion texts were sent during Chinese New Year!

4. People set off fireworks all over the world on Chinese New Year’s eve, making it one of the largest unorganized fireworks displays on Earth.

{ Image credit : ncburton }

5. The stories say that once upon a time, the Chinese people battled the fearsome Nian, a monster that attacked people and ate children. Nian is also the Chinese word for year, which is why people use the traditional New Year greeting “Guo Nian“, which means “passing of the beast”. People also wish one another prosperity with “Gong Xi Fa Cai“. The people believed that the Nian was frightened by loud noises and the color red, which is why they used fireworks to scare it away and save their families.

{ Image credit : Paolo Camera }

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