16 Really Pretty “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” Gift Sets You Have to See!

We know that your bridal party is not only a special part of your wedding day but also the group of people who make your life special every day. And that’s exactly why we think they deserve something a little extra special when you pop the big question: Will You Be My Bridesmaid? We’ve been loving the idea of a DIY gift set – a pretty box filled when thoughtful, hand-picked gifts, treats, and trinkets and have decided to share 16 of our favorite Will You Be My Bridesmaid gift sets with you to help you get inspired to create your own!

(image credit: Frogprincepaperie)

This gift set is so chic! We love how it looks super elegant and includes fun items such as a clutch, framed photo, gold nail polish, and a sweet quote.

(image credit: Smittenonpaper)

Add her favorite wine with nail polish and a tiny bouquet of flowers over paper straw to create a sweet, rustic looking gift set.

(image credit: Etsy)

If you’re having a beach wedding, why not go with a beach themed gift set? Add in some sunglasses and a seashell or starfish in a blue box and then add in some fun treats such as earrings, personalized cookies, and a luggage tag.

(image credit: Theblueeyeddove)

For any girl who loves style, a compact mirror and a trinket dish for her jewels make perfect gifts!

(image credit: Heyletstietheknot)

Sometimes, sweets, stationary, and a little bit of glitter are all you need.

(image credit: Aisleperfect)

Using a tote bag instead of a box is also a great idea! Grab one with a pretty print and add in a few fun items such as cider and earrings.

(image credit: Aislesociety)

We imagine that this girl loves to pamper herself. If you want to create a similar box, try adding in candles, soaps, a robe, and bath salts.

(image credit: Pinterest)

Simple and sweet, some personal photographs and a little something extra such as her favorite color nail polish goes a long way.

(image credit: Pinterest)

Adding a few necessities for the wedding day is also a great idea! She’ll be happy to have her eyelashes, nail polish, lip color, and jewelry all ready to go for the big day. And a little candy never hurt anyone either.

(image credit: Ehow)

Mmm, more treats! We’re huge fans of this fun and bright box. For a similar look add in some candy, her favorite soda pop, some pretty straws, coasters, and a personalized Turkish towel.

(image credit: Weddingchicks)

We love how the lid of this box is painted. Try something similar with her favorite color and don’t forget the handwritten letter and a few memorable photos of you two.

(image credit: Stylemepretty)

This stylish look is actually very easy to achieve. Add in a bright nail polish, a bottle of champagne or wine, some custom macarons, rock candy, and a pretty glass and straw.

(image credit: Somethingturquoise)

Have a friend who loves to DIY as much as you do? Ask her to be your “DIY Bridesmaid” with some crafting supplies!

(image credit: Aisleperfect)

You can never go wrong with practical items that are pretty too such as a candle and water bottle or monogram tumbler.

(image credit: Aisleperfect)

A hand written letter and decorative monogram are a sweet a simple gift set.

(image credit: Somethingturquoise)

Tic Tacs and some chocolates along with a pretty polish and necklace will definitely come in handy on the day of the wedding! And a DIY hangover kit is a great addition for your girls to use the day after.

What would you put inside your Will You Be My Bridesmaids gift set? Which of these ideas is your favorite?