Wow Them All With A Copper & Blush Wedding Color Scheme

Trend alert: If you’re not already aware of the oh-so-popular color combination of copper and blush, then it’s time to get on board!

This hot trend is taking the wedding industry over by storm. Brides are interjecting this vintage, rustic, and cool yet romantic look into their weddings by way of decor, accessories, food, and apparel.

Here are some tips on you how you too can achieve this super chic look for your own celebration.

Decorative Accessories

The name says it all, choose accessories dripping in copper and blush. Copper pieces like mugs, vases, and place card holders tend to give off shine so the warm addition of softer blush textures like linens, flowers,and paper details are a perfect complimentary match.

Food and Drinks

When it comes to this color scheme, the fun doesn’t have to stop at decorative accessories. Interject this pretty combination to food and drinks. You can do this with a custom wedding cake, personalized macarons, and a signature pink cocktail – served in a copper mug of course!


If you’re not ready to commit to a full on copper and blush wedding dress, try adding subtle touches by using accessories to achieve this look instead. Sequined blush heels and metallic copper nails are a great start.

You can also attain this color scheme look by means of bridesmaids dresses. Have your party choose from either a blush or copper dress, or for a more multidimensional look, have them mix and match (you’ll LOVE the photos)!

Complementary Colors

The beautiful thing about this color combo is how easily it works with add-on colors. If copper and blush is not enough color for you, try adding on rose gold and bronze elements.

These colors share elements of warmth and glimmer. They will prettily add to your copper and blush color story without overwhelming the overall look.

Gifts & Favors

Favors act as a special memento of your important day. So keep this theme going by giving guests something distinctive and on-theme to remember, even long after they’ve gone home.

Sentimental dreamcatcher keychains and personalized copper mugs act as wonderful wedding favors and thank you gifts, respectively.

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