Wish Tree 2

Okay, wedding is over. And it was another success! The necklaces looked great on the girls and the wish tree was a big hit. Some highlights:

  1. The church. Valley Presbyterian Church in Portola Valley, CA. The back of the sanctuary is a glass wall facing a redwood forest. It’s tranquil and you feel like you’re outdoors.
  2. The ceremony musicians. The vocalists, Ms. Hubble and Ms. Hobbs were superb.
  3. Dinner.  The Hotel Sofitel in Redwood Shores did a phenomenal job with dinner service considering the size of the party (24 tables).  The filet was actually medium rare!
  4. Speeches.  I’m a big fan of wedding toasts and the wedding party did a great job delivering heart-warming as well as hilarious speeches.
  5. Dancing.  Everyone, young and old hit the dance floor.  And the groom really let loose!

Check out pictures of the wish tree: