UPDATED: 10 DIY Ideas To Get On Board With A Nautical Baby Shower

With summer on its way and all things nautical on our mind, we couldn’t wait to update and share our 10 favorite DIY ideas for a nautical-inspired baby shower. Each is so easy to create and will add such a spark to your baby shower! Keep reading to learn more about our favorite ideas.

1. Baby on Board Sign 

(image credit: Beau-coup)

This DIY project is as easy and turning on your computer! Simply click on the above image, print, and frame for a wonderful way to welcome baby shower guests to the party.

2. DIY Nautical Coasters 

(image credit: Loveandmarriageblog)

These easy-to-make coasters are functional, fashionable, and extremely on-theme for a nautical inspired baby shower.

3. Origami Sailboats 

(image credit: Beau-coup)

Bring back a bit of grade-school nostalgia with this nautical arts and craft project. We decided to take this project up a notch by making our origami sailboat float! Check out how we created this project here.

4. Crab Croissants 

(image credit: Orientaltrading)

Just add a pair of toothpick googly eyes to a croissant sandwich for an instant on-theme food item.

5. Rope Centerpieces 

(image credit: Julieblanner)

With minimal supplies and effort, you can easily create a beautiful nautical centerpiece that will draw your guest’s attention.

6. Lifesaving Silverware 

(image credit: Orientaltrading)

This nautical silverware wrap is so easy to assemble! Simply use twine to tie lifesaver candies around silverware.

7. Nautical Diaper Cake 

(image credit: Etsy)

Let this finished diaper cake inspire you to create your own DIY version for the shower.

8. Sea-Inspired Macarons 

(image credit: Catchmyparty)

By adding an edible pearl to a macaron, you can instantly create a cute edible oyster!

9. Sailboat Jello-O Cups 

(image credit: Blog.hwtm)

Let your guests sail away with these adorable sailboat-inspired Jell-O cups.

10. Nautical Signature Drink 

(image credit: Fakeginger)

Whatever beverage you decide to serve, just do it in nautical style by serving them up in mason jars with a decorative straw. We love how this drink also has a Swedish fish gummy for cute nautical garnish.

Which of these ideas is your favorite? We love to hear from our readers, so please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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