Top Group Halloween Costume Ideas of 2014

You guys went bananas for our recent “Top Couples Halloween Costume Ideas of 2014” post… so guess what? Here’s more! Only this time, we’re thinking big picture. Like, group picture big.

If you’re looking for a fun, cute, or humorous group costume idea, you’ve come to the right place. See our top picks for group Halloween costume ideas for 2014 below.


Care Bears

(image credit: Pinterest)

This costume idea is easy to DIY and perfect for all ages and sizes.


Mario Kart

(image credit: imgur)

Those that get it, love it. (We fall into the “love it” category).


Troll Dolls

(image credit: Jason Travis)

We’re totally digging this idea because it’s colorful and fun!


Shark Week

(image credit: Coolest Homemade Costumes)

Everyone knows about Shark Week, whether you watch it or not, making this culturally relevant costume a smash!


Roller Coaster Ride

(image credit: imgur)

This group Halloween costume idea is extremely creative, and just imagine, you get to run around screaming with your arms up all night!


Fast Food Gang

(image credit: The Cookie Rookie)

With so many fast food icons to choose from, gathering a gang for this group costume idea will be a cinch.


Black and White Film Noir Characters

(image credit: boingboing)

This photo is NOT photoshopped! Just some (a lot) of careful makeup application and… voila!


Robert Palmer Girls

(image credit: Like Totally 80s)

Bring it back, back to the 80s with this Robert Palmer girl inspired look. You’ll be addicted to love – and Halloween – with this group costume!